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Stuart Pearce – Keyboardist & Musical Director

Stuart Pearce has worked with a vast number of artists, both in the studio and live, as keyboardist and arranger. His areas of interest and expertise know no bounds. He has been successful in genres as varied as rock, country, pop, new wave, blues, salsa, merengue, hip-hop and techno.


Stuart served long term as In-house Music Arranger/Producer at top New Zealand recording studios Mandrill, York Street and Greenstone Music Karekare. Thus he has been the driving force behind several No.1 NZ hits.


As a long term member of the legendary Kiwi rock band “Hello Sailor”, he was inducted into the NZ Music Hall of Fame 2011, with the other band members. In 2019 he was thanked by Upper Hutt Posse during their acceptance speech for his recording and mixing contribution to their successes, as they themselves entered the NZ Music Hall of Fame. Stuart also received “Top Musician Award” in 2019 from the Variety Artists Club of NZ.


In 2019 he was interviewed for Prime TV’s “Anthems” as a member of “Coconut Rough” whose New Wave 80’s anthem he arranged and played keyboards on.  Previously in 2016 he appeared in the full length film “Poi E: The Story of Our Song”. He had been Dalvanius Prime’s arranger and keyboardist during the creation of this recording.


As Musical Director for Prime TV’s “New Zealand’s Got Talent” in 2008 he was responsible for producing a large variety of music tracks. Prior to this, in 2007 he was arranger/band leader on “Pops Ultimate Star” on TV2.


He contributes musically to recordings from a variety of artists such as The Topp Twins, Gray Bartlett and Auckland hip hop group Home Brew Crew, House of Shem, Sir John Rowles and Ardijah.


Stuart produces all the music for The Mermaids and subsequent band Sugartown. His multi-faceted keyboard skills and stupendous live vocals from the vocalists, add to that very important foundation.


Additional musician available Dixon Nacey on guitar  (pictured below)