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ABBA Heaven! All the Hits

Auckland based New Zealand ABBA Tribute Band. New Zealand’s only dedicated tribute to the Music of ABBA. This  concept occurred naturally, organically out of sheer love of ABBA. With five ABBA songs in the repertoire already, the band wanted to perform still more so an opportunity to perform more had to be an ABBA TRibute. Band members enthusiastically embraced 26 additional ABBA tunes and fabulous, new super-glam era correct costuming!


Already established as one of NZ’s most extraordinary and successful line-ups for private and corporate functions, ABBA music is a perfect fit. Featuring extraordinarily great female vocals and one of NZ’s most in demand keyboard players, ABBA Heaven! ABBA Tribute is a “marriage made in heaven”.


The line-up is Joe Cotton, Pauline Berry with Stuart Pearce (keyboards) and Dixon Nacey (guitar and vocals).




This is a heartfelt, passionate reproduction and tribute to The Music of ABBA itself, rather than being an impersonation of the ABBA band members. So no silly Swedish accents here. To play the music as well as we can is the ultimate challenge and one any musician aiming to perform ABBA needs to undertake very seriously.  ABBA is complex and executed with amazing accuracy. Anyone who says it’s easy, isn’t doing it right!


ABBA’s music stands the test of time and is loved across generations, around the world.  ABBA still sell a million albums each year. There is no chance of slowing down anytime soon. The soundtrack to “Mamma Mia: Here We go Again” was No. 1 around the world in 2018 – deservedly so! The soundtrack music was produced by Benny Anderson.




Benny & Bjorn have said that each recording is like a Swiss time piece, everything fits together precisely. The vocalists and the producer of The Mermaids align themselves with this aim and studied up.


The Mermaids Dance band’s producer Stuart Pearce – one of NZ’s most successful music producers – spent 2000 hours in a recording studio creating the tracks for the show. Top session musicians from New Zealand and Australia were hired and recorded. Bringing to life, as authentically as possible, the studio sound of ABBA, including some some exotic and authentic European instruments.


Having put the work in on top of this superb musical foundation, the band spent six months in rehearsal to pinpoint the harmonies that most serve the ABBA Sound.


From the very first shows in 2016 it was apparent this was going to be a huge success with ABBA loving New Zealand audiences.  The band are well pleased with their tribute to The Music of ABBA. The “proof is in the pudding” – sound files just below the next paragraph are recordings, including some live of the band.



All vocals are very detailed and the harmonies chosen are those that dominate on the original recordings. Considered as well were the musical roots of ABBA themselves, in order to not put a different “stamp” on the way the songs are sung. ABBA were influenced by European folk music, classical music, English pop, jazz, (but no blues), and also American pop music, such as The Beach Boys. Agnetha, Frida, Bjorn & Benny recorded in Swedish, German, French and Spanish as well as English. Their English diction being very pure, thus enhancing the songs with beautiful ringing vowel sounds.


Many people ask the band if there is miming involved because it sounds so precise and ABBA-like. Absolutely no vocals are pre-recorded, backing or otherwise.


Visit our VIDEOS PAGE to see clips of the band performing ” ABBA HEAVEN!” SHOW.


Sound files below:


Knowing Me Knowing You

Does Your Mother Know

Mamma Mia

Gimme A Man After Midnight






Highly interactive, the audience and the band irresistibly take part in celebrating the music of ABBA. The audience dresses up in their disco glories and glam 70’s gear.  Highly intereactive the audience sings along – it’s wonderful two way street. So much fun! ABBA and Mermaids fans travel 100’s of kms to attend shows again and again.




The female vocalists wear eye popping Glam Rock outfits authentic to the era of ABBA. These include 1970s jumpsuits, knickerbockers, gold lame, metallic over the knee boots, sequins and body suits galore. Costumes are being added to the show regularly. The band delights in seeingsee audiences dress up all over New Zealand – so much fun!


The songs currently performed are:

  1. Andante Andante
  2. Arrival (instrumental)
  3. Angel Eyes
  4. Chiquitita
  5. Dancing Queen
  6. Does Your Mother Know
  7. Fernando
  8. Gimme Gimme Gimme (AKA A Man After Midnight)
  9. Hasta Manyana
  10. Honey, Honey
  11. I do, I do, I do, I do, I do
  12. I Have A Dream (AKA I Believe in Angels)
  13. Knowing Me, Knowing You
  14. Lay All Your Love On Me
  15. Mamma Mia
  16. Money, Money, Money
  17. Name of the Game
  18. Nina Pretty Ballerina
  19. On and On and On
  20. One of Us
  21. Rock Me
  22. Ring Ring
  23. SOS
  24. Super Trooper
  25. Take a Chance on me
  26. Thank You for the Music
  27. That’s Me
  28. Voulez Vous
  29. Waterloo
  30. When I Kissed The Teacher
  31. Why Did It Have To Be Me
  32. The Winner Takes It All



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