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Joe Cotton – Vocalist & Celebrity

As a teenager Joe Cotton won a place in “TrueBliss”, an all girl group created via reality TV show “Popstars”. This show became an international television phenomenon. 600 hopeful vocalists auditioned and just five were chosen.  Popstars subsequently proliferated around the world.  Each country produced their own Popstars band, such as Bardot, Eden’s Crush, Hear’Say and Girls Aloud. But it all began in New Zealand with “TrueBliss”. They had a Number 1 single “Tonight” and a hugely successful nationwide tour.


Joe Cotton has been a beloved celebrity in New Zealand ever since.  She has graced the cover of many magazines and featured on TV Shows like “Celebrity Treasure Island”.  Joe is now an on air personality on More FM nights.


In 2007 she took part in another reality TV singing contest and came out the Winner. She took the title of “Pop’s Ultimate Star”, from among top placing former New Zealand and Australian Idol contestants. She won by a huge majority, as voted by the New Zealand television viewers on this TV2 show. Joe won a cash prize and a brand new Kia car. Many of her performances can be found on the YouTube link below.


Link to Joe’s live performance playlist on YouTube, including her winning performance on “Pops Ultimate Star”


Her personality captivates the public, who follow her with great interest at all her singing engagements with the band. Glamorous and outgoing, she is also the girl next door – with major X Factor.


Joe Cotton and Amber Claire have their own separate music project, as a duo, originating in 2019, which features R & B from the 90s plus a few other fave tunes. They perform at select venues around Auckland.


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